A History of Metallica


Metallica is perhaps one of the best known metal bands around. In May of 1951, Lars and James made their first introductions. This meeting was shortly followed by the formation of Metallica just five months later.

On April 23rd of 1982 Metallica appeared as a 5 piece band with Brad Parker on the guitar. After that, Metallica really began to take off.

The man who needs no introduction, Cliff Burton (or just incase you’ve been living on another planet, probably the best bassist ever!) then had his first rehearsal with Metallica in 1982.

At this point Metallica really began to develop as a band and their popularity sky rocketed. In 1983 their growing popularity encouraged their decision to move to San Francisco California to further their careers. It was here that the Whiplash and No Remorse demos were soon recorded.

Kirk Hammet was then called to join the band in April of 1983. He was a big success but there were internal problems and Dave Mustaine was kicked out of the band just days later.

Without Mustaine, Metallica ended up signing with Megaforce Records in May of 1983. Over the next 20 years Metallica became one of the most famous and adored bands in the heavy metal community. However in recent years the quality of their work has come into question. A combination of missing members and rehab programs has led to a change in style that many of the die hard fans feel doesn’t match up the older stuff. This isn’t an opinion piece, but I’d have to agree.