Is Elvis Presley Still Alive Today…?

Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi Sept 26, 1956 © 1978 Roger Marshutz—MPTV

The sad fact is his death took place back in 1977, while he was in his 40’s and still touring in concerts – but stressful lifestyle, diet, and prescription drugs seemingly got the best of his heart.

But talking about the fact of death is not fun so let’s instead imagine how the story might have gone had he lived and not died in 1977. Let’s suppose that he only almost died of heart attack but was found in time and salvaged back to life. His doctor would have denied him French Fries, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and all other junk food to protect his heart. He would have discontinued heavy drug usage and gotten back on his feet again – to do more concerts.

Elvis probably would have continued touring after recovering from the heart attack, remaining very popular for years and years. Hundreds of thousands of Americans would have seen him live yearly – and he would have even made tours in Europe and Asia and Australia.

Then, little by little he would have slowed down some because of advancing age, giving less concerts and less often. He likely would have stopped heavy touring some time in the 1980s, and only perform in occasional concerts and specials on through for several years after that.

Elvis probably would have made more concert recordings and other music CDs, selling quite well. Then he also would have written at least one book, if not several, about his life, which his loyal fans would have bought in great quantities. His wealth would have increased some, but he would have continued to give to charities and to his friends, not letting money to become the focus of life.

Gradually during the 90’s he would have almost totally disappeared from the public eye. Young people would be listening to rap and heavy metal and hip hop and you name it. And at 2005 Elvis would be 70 years old, aged honorably and graciously. He would give interviews to the media every once in a while, and appear in “nostalgia” TV shows. Finally he would be enjoying relative privacy compared to his concert years, happily retired in Graceland, surrounded by friends and a loyal staff that helps him around. He could still move around and pick up his guitar and sing – especially his favorite music gospel songs, but also other pieces and ballads for the closest family and guests.

Well, I don’t know, maybe it would have happened some other way. But I am almost positive that if Elvis was still living, he wouldn’t be as popular and as widely loved as he is right now. The Elvis fan clubs would have a sharply declining membership as the old fans would be dying off… We wouldn’t have an abundance of Elvis impersonators, nor people making a big deal about Elvis sightings. Nobody would be making fun or mockery of him, nor would there be ‘dead Elvis’ websites.

If you are an old fan of his, you probably would still like him, but if you’re one of the younger generation, chances are you (or I) wouldn’t have found his music, and you wouldn’t be reading this article today.

But back to reality: Elvis Presley the person IS dead, but the legend and his music are very much alive.